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Use our online catalogue to find books, journals and other material of the library.

The library of the Postal Museum is Finland’s only library specializing in postal history, philately and collecting. The archive collection provides diverse, fascinating source material for philatelic and postal history research.

Library holds some 30,000 volumes of philately, stamp collecting and postal history from all over the world and a large collection of stamp catalogues. The library material also includes books about postcards. We have a large collection of exhibition and auction catalogues and, the legislation and fees of postal services. Those can be easier found in the library than anywhere else. Circular letters published by the Postal administration from 1818 to 1989 can be found digitized on our website.

Plenty of the material at the Postal Museum is unique and can only be researched in the library. This includes documents related to postal operations, building construction plans, personal histories, theses, manuscripts, original postmarks and seals.

There are also varied source material for identifying postmarks. Customers have an access of a database of post offices.

The library of the Postal Museum, Häkiläpolku 3, Tampere, is open only by appointment or tel. +358 50 313 4568.

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