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Stamp collections

The Postal Museum’s stamp collections cover the history of Finnish stamps from the very first one, issued in 1856. The collections also include earlier letters as well as a remarkable collection of Porto stempel envelopes introduced in Finland in 1845.

In addition to stamps, envelopes and other philatelic products, we also preserve materials resulting from their production: sketches, work drawings, print originals, proofs, printing sheets and various printing tools.

Researchers also have access to various reference collections on, for example, sheets of stamps and postmarks. In addition, the Postal Museum has purchased or been donated special and research collections from private collectors.

Philately as a hobby is represented in the collections by items like albums and stamp holder booklets from various eras as well as exhibition medals.

You can view the collections by arranging your visit beforehand; see Collection services.

Database of Finnish stamps.

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