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Collaborative space Kupla

2nd floor, Museum Centre Vapriikki

Collaborative space Kupla

The Postal Museum’s year 2024 brought a lot of new things. The national responsibility for the museum, together with Tampere’s historical museums, will begin. The Postal Museum will open a new kind of museum space, collaborative space Kupla, where discussions and exhibitions will be held.

Collaborative space Kupla

The Postal Museum opened a new kind of museum space on 2 February 2024 as part of its national responsibility as a museum. Collaborative space Kupla will combine visitor encounters with small-scale exhibition activities. The Finnish term Kupla bears the same meaning as the echo chamber.

The museum will use Kupla to strengthen the Finnish culture of conversation, increase participation and encourage dialogue. Kupla has been designed with special attention to accessibility in its various forms, thus increasing the possibility for everyone to participate.

The exhibitions in the Kupla are positional and reflect on the phenomena of communication, games, mail and digital life from different perspectives. The first exhibition is A Good Person – why does the Holocaust affect us too? (2.2.-26.5.2024). It tells the story of why a Finnish beer restaurant became a target for antifascists in Berlin in 2019. The exhibition content was produced by journalist Mari Lukkari and cartoonist Hannele Richert.

The discussions at collaborative space Kupla are based on the Timeout dialogue method developed by Sitra. In a joint project with Sitra, a dialogue model for democracy work in museums is being developed. The dialogues aim to increase people’s understanding of the mechanisms of digitalisation and digital power and to strengthen social trust and faith in the future. The project will also develop ways to use the dialogues to support societal decision-making and to develop museums’ exhibitions.

The Postal Museum’s national responsibility as a museum, together with Tampere’s historical museums, in particular the Finnish Museum of Games and the Media Museum Rupriikki, will start on 1 January 2024, with a special focus on communication, games, post and digital life.

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