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Theme: nature

We often encounter breathtakingly beautiful views in nature. There may be man-made structures in the landscape, but nature itself is usually the most masterful artist. Plants, animals and landscapes make us marvel at the world’s beauty. Nature is also often the theme of personalised stamps. Nature and ideas inspired by it have been immortalised on stamps through photos, and people have also ordered beautiful stamps that feature their nature-themed works of art.

Nature and the environment as a source of inspiration

Sender Tarja Seppänen.
Out in the nature with a camera

Close-ups from the nature

The sender is into photography, and this is a particularly beautiful macro image of sparkling water drops on fluff. Tarja Seppänen has also had postcards made for the image. The sender also engages in postcrossing and sometimes uses personalised stamps on cards to selected recipients and tells the story behind the image. The recipients adore the stamps.

Sender Eija-Liisa Ruohotie.

Fly agarics

The sender was met by a beautiful sight when she was walking in Kaukajärvi, Tampere: bright red fly agarics glowing beside the path. The beauty of nature can often be found in surprising places!

Sender Jouko Saikkonen.

Ural owl

The Ural owl’s reluctant pose ended up on a personalised stamp.

“Tikkakoski in Jyväskylä. It was April, we were watching Ural owls nesting. A familiar mother bird was in the spruce woods on the lakeshore, she had been nesting in the same box for many years. She already had a tag around her leg, so we only had to do the basics: we measured and weighed her. She looks so calm. But if she could speak, she’d warn us not to come when she has chicks. There’d be no questions asked, she’d attack without hesitation, aiming at the shoulders, neck and the eyes.
That’s exactly what she did.
What a great bird!”

Sender Camilla Gröndahl.


The sender went to clean her father’s grave in the Hietaniemi Cemetery in spring. A blackbird landed on a nearby tree, singing beautifully and allowing his photo to be taken. It was only later, when seeing the picture, that the sender realised there was a seagull in the sky, above the blackbird. It is a beautiful and impressive image. A personalised stamp was made to mark this memorable encounter.

Sender Marja-Leena Tuhkanen.
Impressive landscapes

Boat trip

The environment in the Tuohisto archipelago in Saimaa is very diverse with a large number of animal species. One small island can easily be reached by boat, yet all that is encountered there is untouched nature and birdsong. The blueberry harvest is usually plentiful, and once the sender got to see a swan family having a meal of blueberries right next to her boat. An osprey has had a nest on the upper branches of a tree on a neighbouring island for years, and the sender watches it with binoculars. Some beavers live on a slightly larger island nearby.

Larger animals also roam the islands; the sender’s dog Riku Rikhard refused to come ashore from the boat one summer, and after a while the sender knew why. There were bear droppings near the boat, suggesting that a bear family had recently been on the shore.
A photo of the shore of the favourite island was chosen for the personalised stamp. Riku the dog sits watching the sunset in the bow of the boat. The stamp has been used on birthday cards to grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Sender Marko Lilja.

Landscape with a lighthouse

The Tankar lighthouse in Kokkola was captured on a sunny day, and later the photo was turned into a personalised stamp.

Sender Marko Lilja.


This stamp features an evening in late winter on the coast of Kokkola. The sunset created wonderful colours on the seashore, and a lot of pictures were taken from the sight. The best photo was printed on a personalised stamp.

Sender Sanna Ristimäki.


Image title: A hazy morning in 2018. The magnificent landscape was captured on the seashore at the cottage in Kustavi on a quiet October morning.

Sender Kristiina Juvas.
Represented in artworks

A seagull and a perch

The invitations to the 2012 art exhibition ‘Lintu vai kala – en fisk eller fågel’ had a seagull stamp, which was very appropriate considering the exhibition theme. The personalised stamp and card were made with the sender’s watercolours.

Sender Leena Poikela.

Arctic fox

The endangered Arctic fox has been a prominent feature in the sender’s paintings and children’s music, and deservedly features on the stamp as well.

Sender Leena Poikela.


The robin theme was inspired by bird watching during breaks when working from home during the pandemic; the robin’s gentle nature and beauty conquered the sender’s heart.

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