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150 years of Finnish stationery postcards

Austria was the first country to issue stationery postcards in the autumn of 1869. The Postal Director of Finland, Achates Gripenberg, became acquainted with these stationery postcards during his trip abroad, and took the initiative to introduce similar ones in the Grand Duchy of Finland.

8-penni stationery postcards were introduced in Finland on October 9th 1871, and the first known cancellations are from the next day. Initially, the cards were only in domestic use. When introduced, the stationery postcards were inexpensive compared to letters. The approved postage fee for stationery postcards was 8 pennies, including the card and regardless of the distance.

125 years of the Finnish stationery postcard -exhibition collection, compiled by Kaj Hellman in 1996 from the extensive collection of the Postal Museum contains 224 pages. The first part of stationery postcards was separated from this collection for the Savofila 2021 exhibition. The exhibition collection entitled Suomalainen ehiöpostikortti 150 vuotta (Finnish stationery postcard 150 years) includes stationery postcards model 1860 Coat of arms from 1871–1875.

150 years of Finnish stationery postcards

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