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Fanzines and Punk Mail

2nd floor

This year, it will be 40 years since punk came to Finland. The Fanzines and Punk Mail exhibition (17 November 2017–4 November 2018) will feature phenomena that arrived with punk. In 1977, there was a surge of alternative magazines, and this also marked the start of a culture of DIY ethic, which is still strong today. Punk changed the lives of many boys and girls living in small towns and the countryside, as it was not a markedly urban phenomenon in Finland.

Punk and the DIY ethos were the accelerator for many careers in sectors such as media and culture. A number of interesting and influential magazine-makers and punk rockers from the past and present will be included. Exchanging punk letters and punk records with fans in the USA and the UK was part of the internationalisation process for many young people. The letters also spread the word about Finnish punk bands abroad.

Visitors will be able to get the feel of the era with alternative magazines, photos, singles and tapes as well as punk letters and other punk-related material.
The exhibition will be produced in collaboration with the Oranssi Association and the Music Archive

Photo: Jyrki Siukonen’s archive, the photographer is unknown.

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