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A cup of coffee and the morning paper

2nd floor
14 / 10 / 7
Isä ja lapsi lukevat sanomalehteä keittiön pöydän ääressä aamulla.

A cup of coffee and the morning paper is an exhibition about the importance of the morning paper, the digital revolution of the newspaper and the past and present means of newspaper delivery. The exhibition describes the newspaper’s journey from the printing works to the letterbox and Finnish people’s kitchen table, followed by what happens to it after it’s been read.

People in Finland have the unique opportunity to have their paper delivered to their homes in the early hours of the morning, hot off the press, seven days a week. In most countries, people buy their newspaper at the newsagent’s.

Delivered to your door

The exhibition focuses on the printed newspaper. Early-morning deliverers play an important yet almost invisible role. Newspapers are delivered whatever the weather, all year round. Many people have their first job in early-morning deliveries. Many deliverers are immigrants. Early-morning deliveries are carried out by Posti as well as several other companies.

The digital revolution challenges the printed newspaper

Digitisation is drastically changing the way we use media. The exhibition highlights the change in the role of the printed newspaper, and it also invites visitors to reflect on their own relationship with the newspaper, both printed and digital.

The exhibition features a wide range of activities

While you’re at the exhibition, you can sit at a breakfast table with the day’s newspaper and a character from the year of your choice. You can also experience the early-morning deliverer’s round on Posti’s electric scooter, answer the delivery clerk’s phone, get inspired by ideas for recycling newspapers and immerse yourself in Helsingin Sanomat from 1889–2019. Newspapers will also be very prominent in the events we organise.

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