Artist unknown

Fredrik Andersin

Postmaster 1872–1887

Andersin (1824–1889) had been promised a post in the civil service in Finland. The role of Postmaster General was the first suitable position for him. Andersin had spent most of his career working for the army and was promoted to Major General in 1868. The expansion of postal operations brought great demands and problems, and the postal services faced a lot of criticism. Anders resigned on his own request due to illness.

Postal History in Finland

  • Postal traffic grew rapidly. Deliveries were late and items disappeared.
  • The Postal Act 1881. Local mail, new sub-post offices, was opened for handling letters that only passed through one post office. The post office network was not yet very dense; however, post offices were open every day.
  • The uniform rate was determined by the length of journey alone in 1875. Postage was paid by the sender, no longer by the recipient.
  • The first post office on board set up in the steamboat Express for the route between Hanko and Stockholm in 1876.
  • 7,996,000 items delivered 3.78/person in 1882 (286,000 official letters, 4,630,000 newspapers, 3,080,000 stamped deliveries).
  • 38 post offices and 129 sub-post offices in 1885.


  • Metal works owner Johan Nissinen installed Finland's first telephone line between his salesroom and office in Helsinki in December 1877.
  • Helsingin puhelinlaitos (Helsinki telephone company), currently Elisa Oyj, started in 1882.
  • The first electric light in the Nordic countries switched on at Finlayson's textile factory in Tampere when 150 bulbs were lit in the weaving mill in 1882.
  • Population 2.1 million in 1882.
  • Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki completed in 1887.

Global Events

  • Composer Tchaikovsky's ballet Swan Lake premiered in Moscow in 1877.
  • Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb in 1878.
  • Production of the light bulb started in the 1880s.
  • Production of the petrol engine started in the 1880s.
  • The Statue of Liberty completed on Bedloe's Island (Liberty Island) in New York in 1886.
  • Pharmacist John Pemberton started marketing Coca-Cola in 1886, it was introduced in Europe in 1928.