Messengers exhibition is an experiential journey through the history of postal services in Finland since the beginning in 1638 to the present day with visitor participation. It will feature moving stories from the past, from recent history and from the present day. You will be able to learn about historic mail routes and crossing the stormy Sea of Åland as well as gain insight into postage stamps and sense the nostalgia of recent decades.

People have communicated throughout history in various ways. The postal service has delivered messages in Finland since the regular network was established in 1638. Over nearly 380 years there have been various exciting events, interesting incidents and memorable stories. The services, which evolved from 17th century foot messengers, are now offered by a mail communications, logistics and information company with international operations.

The  Postal Museum will try to communicate stories and emotions to you. We hope that you will experience a moment of epiphany: "I remember this!". There will also be interesting theme exhibitions, events and activities.

Theme exhibitions 2016

27 November 2015–28 February 2016 Riitta Ikonen Mail Art – Art Mail
19 February–29 May 2016 Pahkasika – 10 Letters You Can Count on (together with Media Museum Rupriikki)
18 March 2016–19 March 2017 Secret Mail of Finnish Jaeger Troops
10 November2016–8 January 2017 Christmas stamps